Hepatocellular carcinoma

Source: National University of Singapore Summary: A research team has developed a novel peptide drug called FFW that could potentially stop the development of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), or primary liver cancer. More Information: Bee Hui Liu et al, “Targeting cancer addiction for SALL4 by shifting its transcriptome with a pharmacologic peptide”, Proceedings ofRead More →

Use of immune system to treat cancer

Source: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Summary: Researchers discovered inhibiting a previously known protein could reduce tumor burdens and enhance the effectiveness of immunotherapy treatments. In order to investigate the role of the Yes-associated protein, or YAP, in T-cells in the cancer setting, scientists used mice genetically engineered to lack YAP in severalRead More →

Gel with immune stimulating drug

Source: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Summary: A new study by the researchers suggest, it may be possible to prevent tumors from recurring and to eradicate metastatic growths by implanting a gel containing immunotherapy during surgical removal of a tumor. Surgery is the main treatment option for patients with most solid tumors, butRead More →