Smoking and boozing

Source: University College London Summary: The arteries of teenagers who drink alcohol and smoke, even very occasionally, are already beginning to stiffen by age 17, according to research. Arterial stiffness indicates damage to the blood vessels, which predicts heart and blood vessel problems in later life, such as heart attacks and stroke. TheRead More →

Less sleep leads to cardiovascular risk

Source: European Society of Cardiology Summary: According to research, Middle-aged men who sleep five hours or less per night have twice the risk of developing a major cardiovascular event during the following two decades than men who sleep seven to eight hours. Compared to those with normal sleep duration, menRead More →

Blood glucose level was the most dangerous factor for heart attack

Source: University of Gothenburg Summary: According to a study, properly composed treatment and refraining from cigarette consumption can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease resulting from type 2 diabetes. This is definitely good news. The study shows that patients with type 2 diabetes with all risk factors within the therapeutic target range had anRead More →

Thermogenesis in fat cells

Source: University of Michigan Summary: A new research shows, The same proteins that moderate nicotine dependence in the brain may be involved in regulating metabolism by acting directly on certain types of fat cells. More Information: Heejin Jun et al, “An immune-beige adipocyte communication via nicotinic acetylcholine receptor signaling”, Nature Medicine (2018). More →

How genes interact with lifestyle and influence measures of heart health.

Source: Washington School University of Medicine Summary: According to a new study, researchers analyzed the genetics and smoking habits of more than half a million people has shed new light on the complexities of controlling blood pressure. Blood pressure (BP) is a strong indicator of cardiovascular health. While simple to measure, BP is controlled by a complexRead More →

Smoking is injurious to health

Source: UCL Cancer Institute, University College London / BMJ Summary: A review of the evidence concluded that smoking just one cigarette a day has a much higher risk of developing coronary heart disease and stroke than expected – about half the risk of smoking 20 per day. Around 1 billion adults smoke worldwide, with high prevalenceRead More →

Be it smoking, drinking too much alcohol, eating junk or any other bad habit to that matter have neurobiological roots (dorsolateral-striatum) responsible for the repetitive stimulus behavior. A research team from Duke University medical center, North Carolina, recently found in depth, that a rare type of striatal brain cells knownRead More →