Series of signals

Source: Nagoya University Summary: Researchers showed that a signaling cascade that normally functions in promoting the phagocytosis of apoptotic cells also acts in inducing axon regeneration. Through a study of roundworm nerve cells with severed axons, researchers have identified the series of molecules involved in the regeneration of damaged nerves inRead More →

Addiction Biology

Source: Medical University of South Carolina Summary: Investigators reported that cocaine relapse was significantly reduced in a preclinical model when brain-derived neurotropic factor (BDNF) was applied to the nucleus accumbens deep in the brain immediately before cocaine-seeking behavior. The nucleus accumbens is a tiny cluster of nerve cells deep in the brain. Although small, thisRead More →

Nerve cell body

Source: University of California, San Francisco Summary: A new study shows that brain cells, or neurons, react differently to opioid substances created inside the body, the endorphins responsible for the “natural high” that can be produced by exercise. Since both synthetic opioids and the natural, “endogenous” opioids produced in the brainRead More →

Memory and its molecular processes

Source: Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich Summary: Researchers in a new study has revealed that a specific molecular factor is linked with the process of synaptic plasticity and learning. Memory formation requires subtle changes in the brain structures. Continuous modification of synapses provide the functional connections that allow the nerveRead More →