Gel with immune stimulating drug

Source: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Summary: A new study by the researchers suggest, it may be possible to prevent tumors from recurring and to eradicate metastatic growths by implanting a gel containing immunotherapy during surgical removal of a tumor. Surgery is the main treatment option for patients with most solid tumors, butRead More →

Activation of RIPK1 enzyme suppress tumors

Source: University of Notre Dame Summary: While seeking to understand cancer cell death, researchers have discovered that the activation of a specific enzyme may help suppress the spread of tumors. To stop the spread of cancer, cancer cells must die. Unfortunately, many types of cancer cells seem to use innate mechanisms thatRead More →

Macrophages play a role early metastasis

Source: The Mount Sinai Hospital Summary: Researchers have discovered that normal immune cells play a major role in helping early breast cancer cells leave the breast for other parts of the body, potentially creating metastasis before a tumor has even developed. Cancer cell dissemination during early stages of breast cancer proceeds through poorly understoodRead More →