Source: Baylor College of Medicine Summary: Disturbing the normal function of microRNAs can lead to altered expression of their target genes, and this has been associated with a wide variety of human diseases, such as cancer, cardiovascular and developmental diseases.   More Information: Ninad Oak et al, “Framework for microRNA variantRead More →


Source: Walter and Eliza Hall Institute Summary: Researchers have revealed how immune health is maintained by the exquisite organisation skills of a protein called Pax5. The new study shows how Pax5 helps to efficiently organise the genetic information (DNA) required for our immune cells to maintain their form, function and help fight disease.Read More →

Putting an egg cell into stasis involves adding many epigenetic marks

Source: Babraham Institute Summary: A new study sheds some light on the role of epigenetics in placing egg cells into stasis. Researchers studied a protein called MLL2 and discovered how it produces a distinctive pattern of epigenetic marks that are needed for egg cell stasis. A fertilized egg cell is the startRead More →