Stretching improves muscles

Source: The Physiological Society Summary: Researchers found that regular muscular stretching, when performed five times per week, for four weeks, increases blood flow to muscles of the lower leg. Despite the well-known beneficial effects of exercise, the proportion of elderly people participating in regular exercise programmes is low, often due to the strenuous nature of exerciseRead More →

Running counteracts Chronic Stress

Source: Brigham Young University Summary: A new study finds that running mitigates the negative impacts chronic stress has on the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for learning and memory. Inside the hippocampus, memory formation and recall occur optimally when the synapses or connections between neurons are strengthened over time. ThatRead More →

Exercise changes composition of microbiota

Source: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Summary: Researchers in a new study found that exercise changes the microbial composition of the gut in potentially beneficial ways. Researchers from the University of Illinois conducted two studies – one in mice and the other in humans. In the first study, they transplanted fecalRead More →

Exercise saves sepsis patients

Source: University of Virginia Summary: In a new discovery researchers have found that how exercise protects us from diseases among the sickest patients and most gravely injured. People who suffer from severe trauma or sepsis (full body infection) often develop multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS). It’s as if the immune system insteadRead More →

Oftentimes we search for the best foods to nourish our body. Mind is an important part of our system which when sharpened correctly can produce wonders. There is hardly any doubt when health care professionals correctly associate mental wellbeing as a vital criterion for the overall balanced health. And theRead More →