Less sleep leads to cardiovascular risk

Source: European Society of Cardiology Summary: According to research, Middle-aged men who sleep five hours or less per night have twice the risk of developing a major cardiovascular event during the following two decades than men who sleep seven to eight hours. Compared to those with normal sleep duration, menRead More →

Blood glucose level was the most dangerous factor for heart attack

Source: University of Gothenburg Summary: According to a study, properly composed treatment and refraining from cigarette consumption can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease resulting from type 2 diabetes. This is definitely good news. The study shows that patients with type 2 diabetes with all risk factors within the therapeutic target range had anRead More →


Source: The Scripps Research Institute Summary: Researchers have identified a protein, called GPR68, that senses blood flow and tells small blood vessels called arterioles when to dilate. Americans die of heart or cardiovascular disease at an alarming rate. In fact, heart attacks, strokes and related diseases will kill an estimated 610,000 Americans thisRead More →

Scarring of fat tissue may make weight loss more difficult.

Source: University of Exeter Summary: Researchers have found that the fat of obese people becomes distressed, scarred and inflamed, which can make weight loss more difficult. Fat cells in obese people increase their size which can make them suffocate and struggle for oxygen supply. The bigger cells become distressed and triggerRead More →