Before stroke strikes, it usually does give some indications before its arrival, which are ignored. Women are more at risk, usually after they cross their 55th birthday though men are not conveniently left out. Again, accessing the family history i.e. any relative who has had a stroke could you moreRead More →

Birth Control, widely known as Contraception, is the implementation of one or more procedures, sexual practices, devices or medications to deliberately prevent or minimise the chances of pregnancy or childbirth. The three primary ways of birth control to end or prevent pregnancy comprise of contraception (preventing the fertilization of ovum),Read More →

Transdermal drug delivery is a line of treatment that involves the delivery of medications in a non-invasive way through the surface of the skin. This is achieved through the placing of a transdermal patch which is a medical adhesive patch, on the skin to supply a specific dose of medicineRead More →

With the advent of modern lifestyle, stress has become an integral part of life. The life of every individual is fraught with problems at the workplace, the pressure to perform well and to meet the expectations of the job. Stress can push you to do better, but too much ofRead More →

Thyroid is one among the highly important but equally mismanaged glands in our body. The thyroid secretes hormones that regulate weight management, mood, energy levels, body temperature, metabolism, blood pressure and heart rate. Alterations in thyroid hormone levels can affect women especially during the childbearing and menopause stages. Again, chronicRead More →

Talk about health and fitness and the first few organs that come to our mind are the heart, the kidney, the lungs and the brain. But then aren’t our sensory organs equally important? How many among us are emphatic about the health of our eyes? We take their health forRead More →

Blessed are those lucky few who get natural sleep without relying on any external factors or artificial methods like sleeping pills. But the percentage of people in today’s fast-paced world that actually fall in this blissful category is very less. For a majority of folks, there are several factors thatRead More →

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