Scientists Uncover The Role of a Protein in Production And Survival of Myelin-Forming Cells

Source: CUNY Advanced Science Research Center

Summary: Researchers have uncovered the role of a protein known as “PRMT5” in the production of myelin and, ultimately, proper development and function of the CNS.

Myelin sheath

The study by Scaglione et al, identifies PRMT5 as a molecule that promotes new myelin formation , by acting on histones (proteins bound to DNA) and placing marks (CH3), which preclude the formation of obstacles to the differentiation of progenitor cells (by preventing KATs from depositing Ac marks) Credit: Carter Van Eitreim

More Information: Antonella Scaglione et al, “PRMT5-mediated regulation of developmental myelination”, Nature Communications (2018). DOI: 10.1038/s41467-018-04863-9 


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