Researchers Unearth Secret Tunnels Between The Skull And The Brain

Source: National Institutes of Health

Summary: According to a new study of mice and humans, tiny tunnels run from skull bone marrow to the lining of the brain and may provide a direct route for immune cells responding to injuries caused by stroke and other brain disorders.

Bone marrow

Confocal microscopy of the skull of a living mouse shows newly discovered channels running from the bone marrow, through the inner skull bone, to the outer membrane (dura or meninges) on the surface of the brain. Credit: Fanny Herisson, M.D., Center for Systems Biology, Massachusetts General Hospital

More Information: Fanny Herisson et al, “Direct vascular channels connect skull bone marrow and the brain surface enabling myeloid cell migration”, Nature Neuroscience (2018). DOI: 10.1038/s41593-018-0213-2 

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