Protein Can Actually Trick Your Heart Into Thinking You Exercise

According to researchers from the Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa in Ontario, Canada found that a protein called Cardiotrophin 1 tricks heart into growing healthily and pumps more blood as if in same it does in response to exercise. They have already proved this therapy in animal models and ready for clinical trials in human patients with heart failure and myocardial infarction in the coming years. This was reported in the journal – Cell Research.

Heart failure cases are at an alarming rise with 26 million people living with it presently worldwide. When the laboratory rats and mice are treated with Cardiotrophin 1, the heart muscle cells are grown longer and healthier and also new heart muscle tissue is formed with alongside new blood vessels which help the heart to pump better. The effect of Cardiotrophin 1 is compared with phenylephrine, a drug that stimulates bad kind of heart growth. Besides, the heart growth with CT1 is reversible and that of phenylephrine is irreversible.

Scientists say even if it is successful it may take several years for the actual treatment to come into widespread clinical use.

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