Ambitious Neuroscience Project to How the Brain Makes Decisions

World leading neuroscientists from 21 neuroscience labs in Europe and US came together to form a megalab, International Brain Laboratory (IBL). This collaboration has launched an ambitious project which answers the greatest mysteries of all time: How the brain makes decisions. The project is backed with initial funding of $14 million from the Simons Foundation and Wellcome Trust. Half of the neuroscientists will perform experiments and other half will work on theoretical models. IBL researchers will be exploring the complex computations carried out by the neural circuits formed the interconnected neurons.

Understanding how the brain works is more useful than just for academic reasons. Many companies are working to integrate technology to the augment brain’s information processing power. Bryan johnson’s Kernel and Elon musk’s Neuralink are working on the better understanding of the human’s brain. The IBL’s research may also help with the development of Artifical Intelligence. This virtual collaboration is over the next 10-15 years will be first focusing on perceptual decision making which records how neurons fire in response to a stimulus like sounds.

Brain-Computer interfaces may give humans the same level playing field with the super-smart AI. Therefore IBL could solve the world’s biggest mysteries and unlocks the full potential of our collective intellects.

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