How to Check Pregnancy at Home

Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful, intimidating, yet amazing experience in a woman’s life. It is appropriately named as a new birth and why not! The pregnant couple undergoes a series of happy transitions in their life which includes a lot of pains and pleasures. The thought of the little one entering into your life is an alluring fact and if you and your partner are trying to get pregnant and enter into this new phase of your life, approaching to get the pregnancy checked at the clinic and the waiting for confirmation is undesirable. This process can be effortlessly replaced by the variety of pregnancy kits available in the market. You can check pregnancy at home just in a few quick steps.

Pregnancy Test Kit

Getting a Pregnancy Test Kit

It is now easy to check pregnancy at home. These pregnancy test kits are easy to find at any drugstore of even supermarkets. A number of brands are available and all have a fair quality of accuracy, so you don’t need to look for a particular brand. They are hassle free, cheap and easily available. Before getting a test kit, make sure you check its expiry date and ensure the kit is unopened or not damaged as this could affect your results. It can be a variety of types including a cup-dropper method or direct testing method. You can choose whichever is comfortable for you.

About the Test Kit

The underlying principle to check pregnancy is when you miss your periods. Make sure you take the test at least a day after you have missed your period. A span of one week is ideal so as to obtain precise results. The kit determines the hCG levels in your urine, which are developed in the women’s body when the fertilized egg is implanted in the uterus. When the urine is more concentrated, the hCG levels are the higher, so make sure you take the test early in the  morning for accurate results.

Before Taking the Test

As pregnancy is a big leap in your life, you might be anxious and a little scared at the same time to know the results. So, ideally when you wake up in the morning, stay calm and take the test with someone supportive beside you. You can ask your best friend, family or partner to stand right outside the washroom for all that moral push. Make sure you do not drink a lot of water before taking the pregnancy test at home as it might dilute your urine and affect the efficiency of results.

Using the Kit

The kit generally comes with an instruction booklet, almost as same as mentioned above, a test stick  sometimes a plastic cup if it is a plastic-cup method kit. For the stick method, you have to urinate on the test stick. Try and use the midstream sample, which means you can first urinate in the toilet and then at the stick as this sample will have maximum urine concentration. If you are using the plastic cup method, you should urinate in the cup provided and use the dropper to drop the exact amount of sample on the stick to find out the result.

Precautions to be Taken

You should take some precautions while taking the test to check pregnancy at home.

  • This includes, testing only the required quantity of sample and for the prescribed time, typically it is for 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Ensure that the result display window faces upward. After putting the sample on the stick, wait for the brief period prescribed to know the results.

The Results

There is a variety of ways in which the results are displayed. It includes color codes, plus and minus signs, ‘pregnant’ or ‘not pregnant’ digital displays which are mentioned on the kit. Read them properly and find out the results.

         If the results are positive, you have a big reason to celebrate and also to be responsible and caring. Visit your doctor for further examinations. If the results are negative, do not lose hope. This might not be the time for you to start a family but you can keep on trying. Also, may be you are hurrying in finding out and take another test after a week.

       These test kits to check pregnancy at home are an efficient way, go get yourself one and happy checking!!

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