10 Natural Sleep Solutions

Blessed are those lucky few who get natural sleep without relying on any external factors or artificial methods like sleeping pills. But the percentage of people in today’s fast-paced world that actually fall in this blissful category is very less. For a majority of folks, there are several factors that play havoc with their natural body rhythm and affect their sleep patterns. Some such factors can surely be curbed and natural sleep can be invoked. Once the person is clear and aware of what hinders with his sleep patterns, the right steps can be taken and the problem addressed. Read on to become more cognizant of what can bring in natural sleep.

1. Develop Your Sleep Routine

Sleep Routine

If your biological clock is tuned to waking up at 6 am and going to bed at 10 pm, why upset it on weekends by lazing around till noon? Follow your routine so as not to confuse your body that is then sure to play havoc with your sleep patterns.

2. Dim the Lights

Dim your lights

Light disrupts sleep patterns and interferes with the winding down the process of the brain. Exposure to light before bedtime has a negative effect on melatonin – a hormone that regulates sleep cycles. Use dark curtains on your bedroom windows and ensure there is absolute quietness to ensure natural sleep.

3. Stay Active throughout the Day

Stay Active

Quit sedentary life as it interrupts with sleep. Get aerobic exercises or dance, jog or swim. Straining your body in the day will invite a good night’s sleep. While vigorous exercises are best, even moderate exercises are good for better sleep. You can also exercise at any time of the day and plan your workouts according to it.

4. Mend Your Diet

Mend your Diet

Stay away from spicy foods especially during dinner time to avoid unnecessary heartburn and indigestion problems. Post lunch, curtail the intake of caffeine, tea, soft drinks and chocolates and let dinner become your lightest meal. If you are snacking more often especially before the bedtime, you are sabotaging your sleep. Likewise, foods that have extra carbs and fat also hinder the sleep clock.

5. Luddite Before Bedtime

No Gadgets

Say no to laptops, mobile phones, video games or computers an hour before bedtime. The gadgets and gizmos are notorious for interfering with the brain waves and it takes several hours for their effect to fade thus hampering natural sleep. Instead, spend an hour before bedtime reading books or relax until you feel tired.

6. No Kidding

No kids at bedtime

Kids, especially infants have their own needs at night time. Ensure that they are well fed and packed in diapers so that you don’t have to wake up to their demands every two hours. That ways, you insure a good night’s sleep. Setting a regular bed time and routine is good for both kids and adults alike.

7. No Alcohol

No alcohol

Alcohol encourages temporary sleepiness at start but it actually contributes to your sleeplessness. It disturbs the quality and quantity of your sleep. Alcohol is a diuretic and makes your body sweaty and loose extra fluid. The intake of this beverage should be restricted at nights to induce better sleep.

8. Douse the Smoke

No smoking

Smoking aggravates sleep apnea. It also brings about breathing disorders like asthma. Smokers get restless due to the stimulating nicotine effect and hence tend to keep natural sleep at bay. Smoking changes the body’s natural circadian rhythm and increases the risk of sleep apnea. So quit smoking for a good night’s sleep.

9. Pleasure Time

Pleasure Time

Getting pleasurable sex or masturbation just before bedtime ushers in positive feelings. Again, this also gives the body some good exercise. These factors are sure to promote sleep onset and encourages deep and peaceful sleep. Sex lowers the levels of stress-related hormone cortisol thus favoring a good sleep. Having orgasm releases the hormone prolactin that makes you feel relaxed and helps you get a good sleep.

10. Relax Before Bedtime

Relax before Bed

You had a rough day and are carrying the tensions to your bedchamber. The thoughts interfere with your sleep. Then to get solace, choose a quiet corner of your house and meditate on your breathing patterns. You will return to your bed with a fresh mind ready to soak the tranquility of a great sleep ahead.

        Don’t forget that a positive mind and a healthy body cannot stay away from natural sleep. So take care of your mind and body and sleep will be on its way!

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