Best Ways to Allergy Proof your Home

Little Loy got sick every now and then and his mother wondered if he was getting himself into unprotected, unclean zones of the outside world. She kept changing schools and day-cares and saw no improvement in his allergic reactions. Finally, a close introspection on the home turf caught her with surprise. The home that Loy’s mom thought was the safest place for him was actually a budding house for small invisible mites and other pathogens. Another classic example was that of Stella’s granny who caught a sneeze, scratchy throat, and watery eyes when she moved in with them two months ago. Some easy things that Loy’s family and Stella’s relatives took care of were making their homes allergen-free.

Allergy proof

Here are some effective measures that work as an insurance agent to keep you and your lovely house allergy-proof

Keep the Kitchen Clean

Kitchen attracts more than half the pathogens. The vegetable waste and food crumbs act like magnets for rodents and cockroaches like none other. Clean the stove area and sink every night before winding up for the day. Just like your teeth need brushing so does your cooking area.  Immediately get rid of food that is rotten or beyond the expiry date in the cabinets and counter areas. Else, termites, ants, and pathogens infest.

Bedroom Hygiene

A bedroom is at times too much embellished which unnecessarily attracts pathogens. Heavy curtains with lots of pleats look good but are good at trapping dust and allergic agents. Replace them with washable blinds or at least, light and easily washable drapes. Don’t overlook your AC unit. It offers a perfect environment to breed mold. Service the unit at least once a year. It’s very difficult to keep the carpets clean. If possible, replace it with hard flooring. Use dust mite-proof covers for your pillows, mattresses and comforters. covers made of microfiber prevent the mites from entering the fabric.

Bathroom Sanitation

The moisture in the bathrooms is a perfect breeding ground for mold. Install a ventilation fan. Run it while taking bath and shower. After bathing, leave the door open for some time to invite fresh air. Keep the draining areas and damp surfaces clean to prevent mildew and mold growth. Beware of the shower curtains that have lung-irritating compounds, such as phthalates. Choose a nylon curtain that is easily washable and good for your health too. Use nylon shower curtains instead of those made of vinyl. Vinyl curtains emit VOCs and other lung irritating compounds. Nylon is better choice for the environment too.

Living Room Cleanliness Etiquette

Apart from being the entry point to your beautiful home, a living room should give an invigorating and healthy décor. Open windows and invite fresh air. Start No-Shoes policy. That ways you ensure that pollen, dust, and other entrants are left out. Encourage visitors, too, to slip their shoes off at the door. Arrange for interior and exterior doormats that trap shoe muck. If you are a carpet lover, choose low-pile rather than high-pile carpeting. Wash floor mats weekly and launder the carpets periodically.

Basement Sterility

Try to use concrete flooring with vinyl or linoleum. Check on the windows and stairwells. If you spot any sources of leakage or water damage, fix them immediately. Ensure that the air quality is moisture free and try to clean this part of the house at least once a week. Store cloth and collectibles in a plastic bin.

Something that is common to entire house is de-cluttering. Regularly look at the stored pile and throw away the unwanted things. Again, vacuum cleaning must be a part of your fortnightly regime, if not weekly. Also, encourage kids to sit at one place to eat rather than roam around and spill food and attract germs everywhere. Lastly, though your furry family members are just cute and adorable, ensure that are entertained in one corner of the house and bathe them at least once a week. That ways, you are sure to keep your house free from unwanted allergens and lead a healthy life.

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