5 High Protein Meat Substitutes

Did you have a change of heart and want to stop bringing meat onto the dining table? What stops you? Worried about the dwindling protein intake for your family that traditional meat offers? Then here is the good news. There are equally good, or must I say – better vegan foods that well replace the meat with equally rich protein content.

                                    While weaning yourself and your family from the traditional meat recipes is an uphill task, getting them used to eating the following vegan foods on a regular basis is the key to developing love for these foods. Take a look at our pick of the 5 best high protein meat substitutes.

1. Soy


Soybeans are the powerhouse of nutrients. They have very high protein content – 36gms in every 100gms – and are reasonably low on carbohydrates. Soy protein is believed to reduce heart diseases and Osteoporosis. It is also known to keep risk of cancer at bay.

2. Seitan


For quite some time, Seitan was thought to be from the Soy family. However, Seitan’s origins lie in wheat. In fact, its texture is very similar to wheat. That makes Seitan earn the nick name ‘wheat-meat. Seitan’s protein content is a whooping 75gms per 100gm thus crowning it to be one of the most densely packed protein rich foods. Again, its low fat content makes it an ideal food for protein lovers. Seitan has a meaty texture to such an extent that traditional vegetarians hesitate to consume it and non-vegetarians just don’t miss meat anymore.

3. Legumes and Beans

Beans and-legumes

Black beans, lentils and chickpeas are some of the legumes that offer a rich source of proteins. Finishing the line are the beans like French beans and runner beans that offer an excellent source of protein. Complement their inexpensive factor and they turn out to be a must-buy in the groceries’ list. Along with the protein content they also bring in rich iron, calcium and fiber content.

4. Quinoa


Also known as ‘Mother Grain’, Quinoa is actually a plant based source. It has a pleasant crunchy texture that makes it a favorite among many. Another feather in the cap for Quinoa is that it is gluten-free. Quinoa is not only a rich protein substitute for meat, but also an excellent source of iron and amino acids. Again, it’s very easy to prepare and takes less cooking time than rice. Quinoa offers a good flexibility for consumption. Some may choose to eat it with steamed vegetables or gravies while others may prefer to serve cold in salads. Quinoa is also available in flour and pasta forms.

5. Almonds


This king of all nuts is a must-to-add item to your daily foods list. Add just 10 almonds a day in your daily meal plan and see your protein chart vroom with great results. Almonds are also a very good source of fiber and heart-healthy fats. They also make up for a good filling snack at any time of the day. They offer absolute versatility on the consumption front as they can be eaten raw or roasted or ground or simply added to salads and shakes.

                            There are many other protein rich substitutes for meat. However, just sticking to this list will help enrich your protein bank.

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