Ways to Cut Breast Cancer Risk

Breast cancer is one of the most common causes of losing many wonderful women. Of late, there has been a lot of awareness of this topic. Or, must we say, a lot of conflicting advice on what should or shouldn’t be done. And many women the world over seem to follow the right way of leading a healthy life. Still some of them are detected with this deadly cancer.  A close introspection reveals that only some things are rigorously followed while some other potential risk factors are given a miss.

Breast Cancer Risk

Here are some of the practical ways to cut the risks of breast cancer

Stop Contraceptive Pills

Taking a contraceptive pill, especially in your 30s combined with hormone replacement therapy can increase your risks of contracting breast cancer. The level of hormone dosage in these pills when used for prolonged periods, poses higher chances of cancer cells formation in the breasts.

Breastfeed for At least a Year

Breastfeeding protects breast health. When milk is produced 24/7, there are very minimal chances for the breast cells to misbehave. Again, estrogen is notorious for increasing breast cancer risk. When breastfeeding, most women get fewer menstrual cycles. Thus estrogen levels are reduced. This significantly brings down the risks of breast cancer even in the long run.

Immerse in Activity Daily

Apportion, at least 30minutes a day to some form of activity. Not just jogging or aerobics or swimming but also energetic cleaning or walking your dog- any activity that makes your heart beat faster is an activity. Sedentary life ushers in all sorts of illnesses, including the deadly breast cancer. So, get up and get going. The breast cancer risks will go by themselves.

Say No to Plastic

Chemicals used in plastic containers and plastic food bags act as xenoestrogen- xenohormones that imitate estrogen- a breast cancer facilitator. Rather than inviting these hormone-unbalancing substances via canned foods buy fresh foods. Also, don’t heat food in plastic containers in the microwave. Use porcelain or glass instead. Again, use stainless steel glass or glass bottles to drink water instead of plastic ones.


Knowledge is power. If you know the first signs of breast cancer, you will be able to detect it in the very first stages. That means, examine your breasts regularly. A few days after your periods when your breasts are less tender or swollen check for lumps, inverted nipples, puckered or dimpled skin. About 20% cases are detected this way.

Flaxseed Consumption

Though eating fresh fruits and vegetables is good for your overall wellbeing, eating flaxseeds, in particular, is observed to be highly effective in cutting down the breast cancer risk significantly. Flaxseeds are plant estrogen, also called as phytoestrogen, are known to nullify the action of human estrogen. This fact acts as a powerful weapon against breast cancer.

Relax and De-Stress

There is one important thing that has consistently featured in many cases of breast cancer- Stress. This is a big factor that is less acknowledged. Being stressed damages adrenal glands. This further attacks the immune system. The consequence is cancer cell development. And to conquer this, women go on a binging spree abusing their bodies more and inviting cancer faster. Learn to de-stress, as it is a key to cut further cancer risks.

Get Enough Vitamin D

Our generation has been conditioned to apply toxic sunscreens and shun the sun rather than reaping the benefits of this big natural resource.   Vitamin D has a great influence on 2000 odd genes in our bodies. So getting this supplement in the natural form is the best way to keep all the body parts functioning the right way this limiting the growth pf ay cancerous cells.

               So, taking the above preventive steps and just ensuring that your healthy mind is encased in your healthy body is a sure shot way to keep breast cancer at bay.

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