Warning Signs of Bullying

Bullying has always been the bane of student life. The child could be on either side of the fence, he could bully others or he might end up being bullied by his peers. In either case, this aggressive, unwanted behaviour, especially among high school kids, is a pointer of perceived power discrepancy. Bullying often involves threatening, spreading rumours, excluding the bullied child from a group or even attacking the target verbally or physically. Unless it is nipped in the bud, the child is sure to suffer from its consequences for years to come. The bullied kid gets into a state of shock and demotivation leading to abysmal levels of diffidence. On the other hand, the kid who bullies others can turn into a harasser who loves to behave violently with the rest, which gives him a superior feel over others.


The below-mentioned warning signs should raise an alarm big enough to alert you of your kid’s mental frame of mind


You will oftentimes notice that your kid comes home with unexplained injuries. Cuts and bruises with scratches that are suggestive of some sort of fight are some of the first pointers that your child is being bullied. Compound this with books getting torn or even lost, clothing being destroyed and a piece of jewellery or electronic device being distorted or disturbed and your fears are sure to turn real.


A bullied kid does not show much interest in studies. In fact, many things around him those were once his favourite seem to impress him no more. You will also see his grades going southward. He may also exhibit loss of appetite and his days will be speckled with skipping of meals or quantity of food intake coming down drastically.  This may be accompanied with frequent nightmares.

Commuting to School Illogically

Usually, a bullied kid does not wish to take the regular route on the way to his school or tuition classes. He is bound to take an illogically longer route to avoid coming face-to-face with his peers. He will also refuse to take part in club activities or school competitions. In worst cases, when confronted, he is sure to skip school.

Exhibiting Power

If your kid bullies others, he will try to show off everywhere that he is powerful. Such a kid feels that he is superior to the rest and everyone should agree to his views. When he sees someone having different opinions, his display of violent signs should alert you as a parent or his caretaker. His aggressive behaviour just cannot be neglected.

Unexplained Belongings

One who bullies others usually picks up others’ belongings without waiting for their approval. This is a mere show of power and violence to get a feel of dominance over others. You may also see extra money with the kid or extra fancy stuff that you might not have given your kid.

Arrogant Attitude

Those kids who bully others often come across as lacking empathy. They blatantly support violence and are involved in acts of vandalising and delinquency to the extent of even getting into substance abuse. They usually are impulsive and aggressive and are easily angered at the drop of a hat.

                  Kids who are being bullied usually do not ask for help, as they do not want to be perceived as weak. However, the truth is that they need the help and support of people around them.

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