5 Simple Stress Management Tips

With the advent of modern lifestyle, stress has become an integral part of life. The life of every individual is fraught with problems at the workplace, the pressure to perform well and to meet the expectations of the job. Stress can push you to do better, but too much of it can be harmful. Not only will it damage your health, but also has a negative impact on your happiness, performance and relationships. It is therefore very important for any individual to learn to manage stress and keep it under control. Minor variants to the daily routine is in  fact good because that keeps you prepared but, every day stress like, less sleep, more work, less time for relaxation and junk food are very damaging not only for body but also for mind.

Stress Management


Learn to prioritize each task. There will always be a number of tasks that will need your attention all the time. But, it is not always possible to deal with them altogether. So learn to prioritize by choosing tasks that must be done immediately and that can be left to be dealt at another time.


If you have enough workload at office, try to hand over some work to others. Do not try to tackle everything yourself.  While it is not possible to do so, it is also very damaging to the physical and mental health. Apart from prioritizing, assigning some work to others also will leave you with some more time and help you to devote it elsewhere. Entrusting some work to others also lessens your work pressure and reduces stress.


As you want to delegate, it is also important to learn to collaborate and cooperate. Help others around you so that you too get their help when you need it. Co-operating others also spreads happiness around and gets you to relax in a happy environment. Cooperation leads to closer bonding with others which makes life easier at home and at office.

Create Order

Always make a list of the tasks that you have to do. Do not try to remember everything. With the pressure of daily routine you are most likely to forget most of the times. Keeping a list of what-to-do things also makes your routine flexible and you can prioritize your work according to the demand. Making a list also helps you to make changes to it as and when the demands come up.


This is a very good relaxation technique for both body and mind. Exercise helps your heart to pump more oxygen to your brain cells thereby making it response better to stress and relieves pain. Exercise also makes you feel rejuvenated and feel good. A small exercise session each day coupled with some basic yoga poses and meditation help a lot in rejuvenating the mind and body.

                  Apart from all these, try to lead a quality life. Learn to enjoy the simple things of life and do not always run against time. One golden rule is to remember that we are to control life and it should not be the other way. These are some simple techniques. Try to emulate them and lead the life that you deserve.

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