Natural Ways to Improve Immunity in Kids

Little Lisa was a happy child who enjoyed playing in the sun and the rain. Something that she enjoyed the most was going to school. But she was compulsorily forced to sit at home for two days every month. The culprit was seasonal cold that would bring in lots of cough and cold forcing her to stay indoors. Initially, her mother thought that all kids go through this phase. But later on she realized that the malefactor was the imbalance in Lisa’s immunity system that invited the cold. But she questioned: Was there a way out?

                                       Indeed, there are ways and means to enhance your child’s immunity. Rather than discussing about the plethora of health tablets and supplements that are said to help improve immunity in kids, this article focuses on the natural ways of enhancing your child’s immunity. Just being aware of these factors will leave you feeling empowered with the right weapons to help your child stay fit and grow healthy.

Minimize Sugar Intake

LollipopAre you bombarding your child’s diet with lots of preservatives, supplements and sugar? Then this is what you need to know: Sugars actually subdue the child’s immune system. So, try at least to minimize their levels of consumption, if you can’t make them completely zero in your child’s diet.

Add Probiotics


Include a good amount of probiotics to your kid’s platter. Probiotics – naturally found in our stomach – are friendly bacteria that help protect our digestive system and assist in toxin clearance. They function as gate-keepers for the invading bacteria and thus protect the kid’s immune system. When the bacterial balance in a child is disturbed, the immunity of the child takes a hit. Encourage eating of fresh homemade curd. Curd or yogurt is rich in Lactobacillus – a rich probiotic. Enthuse a daily intake of a cup of curd in your child’s diet and keep the harmful bacteria at bay.

Increase Intake of Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables

Help your child develop a life-long relationship with fruits and vegetables and you are rest assured that you child has an unwritten, green health insurance.

Regular Intake of Nuts and Berries

Nuts and berries

Introduce your child to healthy snacking. Nuts are excellent source of Zinc. Zinc repairs damaged cells and thus it helps improve the immune system. As our body can’t produce Zinc on its own, adding nuts in the daily to the meal program offers the regular antioxidants and vitamins to elevate your child’s immune levels. Berries are rich in Vitamin C and also have flavanoids – the antioxidants that boost the child’s immunity and also help in improving cognition.

Addition of Fish to the Diet


Fish, in particular tuna, salmon and mackerel, are rich in healthy fats. They also offer Zinc that the body can’t produce by itself. Your child’s immunity is sure to rise by consuming fish on a weekly basis.

Check Stress and Anxiety


Today’s children are more stressed out than we were as kids. And we can’t deny the havoc that the stress levels create in the lives of these young ones. This factor tumbles their immunity system. Best way to beat the stress and anxiety levels is to expose them to lots of play time, creative time and rest time when they are doing just nothing! These are sure shot stress busters for the little busy bees.



A good sleep is the mantra to keep check on the immunity levels. On an average, children need 10-14 hours of sleep as per their age. The human body possesses internal clock, the function of which is to keep our bodies running smoothly and release hormones. Sleeping well is synonymous to being in sync with our natural body clock. And when this is achieved, they naturally stay healthy and fit.

                       These are just some of the ways to up the ante on your child’s immunity levels. Gifting them an emotionally enriching environment also adds to their mental wellbeing and is conducive for their healthy and long life.

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