Exercises and Mental Health

Oftentimes we search for the best foods to nourish our body. Mind is an important part of our system which when sharpened correctly can produce wonders. There is hardly any doubt when health care professionals correctly associate mental wellbeing as a vital criterion for the overall balanced health. And the best way to boost mental health is through exercises.

              Hold on! Are you planning to enrol for an expensive gym membership plan? That is not the hint. Jogging at 5:30 in the morning or simply sporting lycra is not what defines exercises. Please make some time from your hectic schedule and get started by running in the nearby woods. How about small badminton sessions with your neighbour? Start from something absolutely basic to get the exercise feel and woohoo, you realise that within a fortnight you have started reaping its benefits. You are sure to agree on the below mentioned mental health benefits that exercising has brought in.

Exercise and Mental Health

Stress Reductions

If you had a rough day at the office, don’t sit on the couch once you are back home and brood over the happenstances. Instead, get up and start exercising. This is sure to offer a mental medication to your stressed mind as the levels of nor-epinephrine, which deal with the brain’s stress response, shoot up.

Self Confidence Improvement

Be it hopping on the sophisticated treadmill or taking a jog at the jogger’s park, you will definitely burn down good loads of calories. Within a short time you realise that you are effortlessly able to fit back in your favourite jeans. Physical fitness and attractive appearance are sure to boost your self-confidence and bring about a positive outlook.

Sharpen Memory

When you are booming with self-confidence, your mind starts working better, faster and sharper. Regular workouts are sure to boost your memory as getting sweaty enhances cell production in the hippocampal cells which are the powerhouse for learning and memory. Now do you understand that running and playing sport is not just for kids?

Prevent Cognitive Decline

Each passing birthday makes us realise that we are getting old and we tend to adopt a sedentary or not-so-active lifestyle. Thus, our brain stops getting its secret energy. That leads to the onset of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s which cast-off the brain cells. Start your workouts before you hit your 50th birthday and boost your brain’s health.

Help Control Addiction

Addiction, in simple terms, is getting dependant on substances that give pleasure such as drugs or alcohol and in rare cases food and sex. Exercising helps in addiction recovery. Short periods of exercising help distract alcohol or drug addicts effectively, helping them bring down cravings. Again, alcohol abuse can disturb the circadian rhythms. Exercises reboot the biological clock and help people hit the bed at the right time.

      Above all these factors described above, there is something special that exercise does for you. It cheers you and brings loads of happiness as there is a release of endorphins here, which brings a euphoric feel. So just, don’t laze around and start with the activity that you like the most be it, swimming or jogging, walking or cycling, gardening or dancing. Your smile is sure to broaden now.

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