Depression Symptoms in Men

It is a myth that only women can suffer from depression. Men, too, are equally prone to depression. The only difference is that they are either unable to accept it or fail to recognise it. Blame it on the traditional mindset that has conditioned the human psyche for centuries. We are taught from a young age that boys do not or should not cry.  But are men not human beings? Do they have to give up their right to express themselves through their eyes? Each individual has a routine life. When there is a marked change in this system, the people surrounding that person should be wary and analyse the matter rather than just ignore it.

Here are some warning signs that help you identify depression symptoms in men

Depression symptoms

Changes in Sleep Patterns

When a man is bogged down by some worry, his sleep is one of the first things that is disturbed. He ends up either oversleeping or getting very little sleep. Even after getting 12 hours of sleep, when the man feels exhausted rather than feel fresh, he is in for severe depression.

Back Pains and Stomach Ache

Mind and body go hand in hand. When the mind is disturbed, naturally body gets affected. Severe back pains without doing any rigorous exercise or any external causes have their roots in depression. Again, depression affects the food intake and attacks mindful eating. Constipation, diarrhoea, or other digestive disorders follow. Look for these signs and address depression.

Concentration Problems

When the person’s thought process is considerably slowed down and is filled with negative emotions, he finds it hard to concentrate on things. The psychomotor retardation hampers with man’s capacity to process information. This impairs his focus. Lack of attention is a big indicator of depression.


Everything is going fine, but the person in question is just not satisfied. He is restless and tries to see if things could go wrong unnecessarily. No amount of convincing works and the anxiety levels keep peaking every now and then. This sudden change in the man should not be ignored, as anxiety disorders are a marker of depression.

Sexual Dysfunction

All the parameter pertaining to the sexual health seem ok. Yet the man fails miserably to perform in the bedroom. Don’t assume that he is not interested in you or worse, don’t penalise him assuming an extramarital affair. Loss of desire or erectile dysfunction are signs of depression. Your man needs your support, not your hatred!


Many people lack good decision-making skills. Don’t confuse that with depression. A depressed person may not want to take the decision to step out of the house fearing that he might be run over by a vehicle. See the difference? This is something unusual and alarming- a strong symptom of a depressed mind.

Substance Abuse

If the person was not originally a heavy drinker or smoker but you see a marked change in his alcohol consumption and increased smoke rings, stay alert and investigate for deeper reasons for these are signs of depression. To hide their suffering, men take to substance abuse rather than treat their condition.

       Depression can strike even a healthy looking young or old male. Again, old age should not be accepted as the norm for the onset of depression. The earlier you detect depression in your husband, father, brother or friend, the better. Along with taking steps to curb it further by scheduling the doctor’s visits, topping it up with lots of care and love is sure to bring a marked improvement.

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