7 Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

Sleep is an unseen but highly important factor for the human body to be fit. Getting a good night’s sleep is a must to regulate our involuntary functions and keep the state of our body and mind in absolute health. Disturbances in our sleeping patterns can leave us feeling exhausted and we are left as underperformers in our personal and professional lives. Worst of all sleeplessness can lead to sleep disorders including insomnia. Here are some ideas for a good night’s sleep.

1. Ensure Comfortable Bedding

The word ‘comfortable’ is highly subjective when it comes to sleep. Apart from providing rest to a tired and achy body, a right mattress and pillow combination helps you fight back pain and provides support for your head, neck and upper spine and helps you wake up feeling completely rested and refreshed. If not comfortable for you, mattresses and pillows can act as intruders in your sleep pattern.

2. Ambience of Your Bedroom

An ideal sleeping room should be cool, dark and quiet. Don’t leave any form of light switched on while sleeping. Even a zero bulb can stalk your sleep and have negative effects on your health. Use dark curtains to cover the windows of your room and don’t allow any form of light to come inside the bedroom. Complete darkness invites sleep faster. Simple things like taking a hot shower before bed time and choosing the right bedding also help a lot in sleeping better.

3. Stay Tuned to Your Circadian Rhythm

Your mind and body have been tuned for all these years to follow a pattern. Your internal biological clock tells you the sleep and wakeup times. Going against this routine is sure to hamper your sleep patterns. Maintaining the sleep times and going to bed at similar hours of the night daily will ensure a good night’s sleep.

4. Tap the Nap

Long daytime naps slowly eat up a part of your night time sleep. Restrict yourself to a 40 winks sleep that will give you just a yawning gap. At the max, your daytime power naps should not exceed the 15- minute mark. To bring this point to effect, you may choose your alarm clock to shake you up from getting into the deep slumber mode.

5. Dim Your Devices

Use your bed only for sex and sleep and nothing beyond that. Don’t let your laptop enter your bedroom or else you may end up chatting on the social networking sites. Set up your workplace in another room if at all there is any emergency. Silence or lower the volume of your mobile phone so that you don’t get disturbed by the intermittent pings and messages that your phone throws at you.

6. Avoid Alcohol, Caffeine and Heavy Meals Before Bedtime

Some of the biggest attackers of a good sleep are caffeine and worst – alcohol. Though alcohol induces temporary sleepiness initially, it can intrude your sleep later in the night. Caffeine induces a stimulating effect that wreaks havoc on the quality of sleep. Eating spicy and heavy meals can cause bloating and acidity that is sure to make you wake up in the middle of the night. Avoid eating heavy and spicy food and make it a habit to have your dinners at least an hour before bed.

7. Relax Yourself

If you are working on a tight project that commands heavy deadlines or are facing issues with other areas of life, you will carry the burden right up to your bed. Choose a comfortable corner in your home and meditate on your breathing. Think of all the positive things that happened to you in the day and in life and keep sleep depriving habits at bay. Simple breathing exercises can lift your spirits and induce better sleep.

      Apart from medical conditions like thyroid imbalance or a physical ailment that may cause sleeplessness, the banes of modern life like stress, depression, anxiety are equally culpable of keeping you awake. So, if you are still facing sleep issues even after following the methods for a better sleep, then don’t wait further and see a doctor soon. This important ingredient to a healthy life can be brought back by making small adjustments to your life.

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