5 Tips for Healthy Ageing

Time and tide wait for none. Every passing day, month, year takes us closer to getting older. But why worry? Age is just a factor. Nothing serious about it. So do not fret and fume when you have crossed 35 or 40 or 45 or even 50 and beyond! Just chill. Can you see- your birthday cake has got heavier as you have made many more friends with each passing year. Isn’t that feeling great enough to celebrate life? Since time immemorial, humans have been in search of a fountain of youth. We can’t prevent aging, and then why not embrace our age? How-Ensure a healthy life till the golden years. When you have invested sufficient time getting the expertise of how to stay hale and hearty even at 99, you have successfully mastered the art of ageing in a healthy way.

We bring you the top five tips for healthy ageing

Healthy aging

1.  Keep Rolling

It is said that rolling stone gathers no moss, not without reason. Active bodies stay health at any age. If you never heard time before to learn a sport, you have time now. It’s never too late. Love swimming? Go for it. Your blood vessel functions will improve considerably. Blood sugar problems that slowly creep into your life with age will be shoved off when you take long stretches of walk. Prefer to walk in the sun and get right levels of Vitamin D that is much needed to retain your calcium levels. Besides, hormonal balance is also achieved with good amounts of walk a week.

2. Boost Brain Power

Old people tend to forget. Why? Because we have been told this since, childhood and we believe that. Just as body needs exercise to stay fit, so does the brain. Give it some good exercise in the form of solving puzzles, Sudoku and crosswords. Bored with these regular games? Love numbers and dates? Try to “not” use reminder messages in your cell phone. Keep the birthdates and anniversaries of your loved ones and friends in your original memory machine- the brain and revise them periodically. By the end of 3 months of regularly remembering dates, you are sure to get confident of your memory skills!

3. Nip Inflammation in the Bud

The root of many chronic problems is inflammation that is usually neglected in the initial stages.  Best examples are joint pain and atherosclerosis. Your dietary choices can make a big difference in the long run. Stay away from processed foods, sugars and moderate the consumption of saturated fats. Increase foods that help suppress inflammation like fresh vegetables and fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids and seeds. Have the right balance of herbs and spices like turmeric that gives relief from many painful conditions. Also, the curcumin in turmeric is known to act as a shield against cancer. Taking fish oil supplements can also help control inflammation.

4. Optimism is the Key

What good would life be if all were hunky-dory? Everyone’s life is speckled with all types of incidences. Accept this lesson in life and change your outlook. Negative outlook invites diseases faster. The heart and the brain are the first organs that get affected when one looks at life with pessimism. Naturally, blood pressure, anxiety disorders and a battalion of problems are sure to lurk around your body. Just start thinking positive and you will see faster recovery from any disease that you have been suffering from. Children leaving home for various reasons, partner’s loss and many such unavoidable situations come up in the golden years. Connect with your old buddies and stay in touch with your community and you will never feel lonely.

5. Preventive Measures

Prevention is better than cure. In the advanced years, the immunity of the body decreases. To avoid contracting diseases, it would be better to take yearly flu shot as also getting the tests done for cervical, breast and colorectal cancers. Again, high blood pressure and initial stages of diabetes when detected right in the beginning can help you take the right precautions and avoid the degree of disability that you would otherwise face in later years. Screening for diseases may not keep the maladies completely at bay. However, not treating them promptly enough might raise your suffering levels to unbearable heights. Staying educated about diseases like arthritis can help avoid further joint injury and help you stay physically active.

                 Genes might play some role in your body’s ability to contract or shun diseases. However, staying well equipped with the information complemented with a great positive outlook can give you a better control over your mind and body’s destiny. For, lifestyle is a powerful medicine.

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