10 Signs of Early Menopause

As far as the women are concerned, the menopause is one of the most important events in their life. It is the point in life at which they are not able to have children anymore. Giving birth to a child is the most beautiful thing on the face of the earth for a woman. So the menopause has a lot of significance for a woman. Normally, the menopause occurs in the mid forty’s and fifty’s.  It is mainly due to the decrease in the production of some hormones. Due to various reasons, the menopause happens quite early for some women these days. Here are 10 signs of early menopause.

Early menopause

1. Irregular Periods

The periods can be a real frustration for women. When you are approaching the menopause, you may experience irregular periods or even start to miss the periods. This is indeed a great relief for any women. It also indicates that you are entering into menopause.

2. Sudden Increase and Decrease in Body Heat

When you are approaching the stage of menopause, your body may start to show sudden elevation in body temperature. This is also known as hot flashes.

3. Loss of Interest in Sex

If you are feeling that you are losing your interest in the sex life, it could also mean that, you are close to the menopause stage. The loss of sex drive is mainly due to the reduced production of various hormones.

4. Gaining of Weight

You will tend to gain an enormous amount of weight if you are close to the menopause stage. That is a little bit disappointing about the menopause since no one likes to look fat.

5. Insomnia

When you get close to menopause, you will start to lose your sleep. You will be staying wide awake all night because of the decreased hormone levels.

6. Emotional Instability

You will tend to become more emotionally unstable while approaching the stage of menopause. You are likely to experience a lot of change in the mood very frequently.

7. Sweating at Nights

You will sweat more than usual if you are to have an early menopause. Your body will start to sweat through all night even if it is not warm enough for sweating.

8. Dry Eyes

If you are having dryness in your eyes, it could be a symptom of early menopause. The eyes and mouth will start to become dry while the menopause stage is approaching.

9. Loss of Bladder Control

The control over the urinary bladder will start to lose once you are close to the stage of menopause.

10. Drying of Vagina

The vaginal walls may become dry, thin and lose elasticity. Vaginal dryness causes pain during sex.

                         These symptoms indicate the early menopause for women. The menopause is a natural phenomenon and you should not be worried about it if you are already over the age of 40. So, always watch out for these symptoms and don’t hesitate to consult the doctor if you are having any trouble during the transitions phase.

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