10 Important Facts About Arthritis

Most of us have been hearing about this dreaded A-word since teenage, if not since childhood. Oftentimes we see our moms or grandparents make us wait when they are slowly trying to change their position either getting up from their easy chair or getting off a seat in the movie hall or simply chasing our siblings from one room to another. The notorious culprit is Arthritis. So, we have made ourselves, must I say- comfortable with this word. But then, haven’t we seen how potentially debilitating this condition can get? This discussion needs to get beyond the usual so that we are well versed with the facts of arthritis. Before the next time we find our loved ones at the threshold of this ailment that can make the human body absolutely incapable, we should equip ourselves with facts to seek treatment for them immediately.

Rheumatoid Arthritis facts

Better, know these important realities on Arthritis

Arthritis is not a Single Disease

Arthritis is a common name and it has many different forms. You will be surprised to know that there are over 100 types of this illness. Some of them, which are highly prevalent, are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, gout and fibromyalgia.

Women Fall Victim to Arthritis Than Men

Women have to undergo the childbearing phase and this can take some toll on their bone health. That makes them more susceptible to this disease compared to men.

Arthritis Affects People of all Ages

Though we usually come across this condition in sexagenarians and above, the fact is that it can affect children – though in rare cases, 1 in every 250 kids, as well.

Arthritis can Make one Dependent

This progressive disease can render the patient inactive and a complete dependent, if not treated and managed on time. This can usher in a new set of other diseases like diabetes, obesity and heart problems.

Arthritis can be Well-managed

People think there is no way out once arthritis attacks their bones. However, the fact is that arthritis can surely be managed, not just by medications that control the inflammatory symptoms but also by lifestyle modifications.

Snake Venom can Cure Arthritis

Some arthritis patients have turned to unconventional but natural treatment with venom that comes from snakes, bees and ants, after not getting the desired results through the prescribed medications. In fact, a Brazilian study proved that bee sting venom helped reduce symptoms of RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis).

Not just Hands, Knees and Hips

It is a myth that arthritis affects only hips, hands and knees. Feet and ankles too are not spared by osteoarthritis. This is usually observed among septuagenarians.

Animals, too, get Affected by Arthritis

Did you know, cats and dogs, like humans, develop it too, with the most common type being osteoarthritis? Joint inflammation and cartilage breakdown as in humans are experienced by animal’s bodies too.

Race can Also Decide on Arthritis

It has been observed that certain groups are more susceptible to this disease than the rest. African as also white Americans are more prone to it than the Hispanics. Again, African Americans report more arthritis problems than the white Americans do.

Climate can’t Cure it

Arthritis has been long blamed on wet and cold climates. This isn’t true. People living in warm climates too get affected by arthritis. The only difference is that warm climates are known to have a less harsh effect on the sore joints. Nevertheless, shifting to warmer climates is not the cure for this malady.

                      In any case, never forget to take care of your joints and bones and diagnose the disease early to avoid the matter from getting worse. Consult a Rheumatologist who will get into more in-depth evaluation and advises better care.

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