Natural Ways to Increase Fertility in Women

Nathan and Heather have been trying to expand their family. But there is a miscreant involved. That’s Heather’s fertility levels. In such cases, the best thing is to investigate a bit deeper and to find the crux of the issue. To investigate does not necessarily mean undergoing expensive treatments to tweak your hormones. It could mean introspecting your lifestyle and modifying it to bring out the desired results.
Fertility in women                      Rather than go for high level analysis, introspect your dietary and sexual habits to help you lead the family way. Here are some of the points that you should ponder about in this regard.

No Smoking & Drinking

No smoking

Smoking women unknowingly axe the hormones that would have boosted their fertility otherwise. Alcohol does a similar damage to a woman’s fertility by culling her hormonal balance. Possible affects of smoking on fecundability include changes in fallopian tubes, increase in ectopic pregnancies and spontaneous abortions, damage to gametes and cervical changes. Similarly, alcohol consumption can affect women’s reproductive system by causing irregular periods or may even stop ovulation. In heavy drinkers, periods can stop completely and they tend to early menopause. Smoking and drinking women are also more likely to have a miscarriage.

Weight Management

Weight management

Are you under-weight or obese? Then blame it on your body weight. Having the correct BMI is an important factor to regularize your reproductive cycles. Thus your ovulation cycles vary and naturally play havoc with your fertility.Estrogen is a hormone that produces suitable environment for fertilization embryo. Regulation of estrogen lies in fats cells and ovaries. Being too thin, lessens estrogen production and being overweight shoots up the levels beyond control.

Improving Ovulation Through Healthy Diet

Healthy diet

If your weight is in check, then it could be your dietary habits that come between you and your baby. The current lifestyle that most of us are following are sending our health management on a toss. Most among us end up consuming too much trans-fats and carbohydrates that usher in ovulation disorder. Make yourself aware while making the right food choice.  Consuming lean meat and beans helps you gain zinc, iron and protein. A good quantity of fresh fruits and vegetables gives your body Vitamin C and antioxidants. Whole grains are rich in Vitamin B and E.

Check on Your Caffeine Consumption


Having too much caffeine, say more than five cups, interferes with conception. Better avoid caffeinated coffee and soft drinks. Even after you receive the good news, keep your caffeine levels in check as it can affect the placenta and therefore the foetus that can lead to miscarriage. Restrict yourself to two cups of coffee a day.

Observe Your Fertile Window


Your calendar is your best friend. Mark your monthly cycles regularly. 14 days before the cycle is the ovulation period. You are most likely to conceive when you have an intercourse within three day bracket before ovulation.

Improve Your Frequency of Love Making

Love making

No doubt that daily sex can improve your chances of conceiving. But that could also leave you, like most couples, exhausted. Managing the frequency by having intercourse every alternate day increases the probabilities of trotting on the family way.

Stay Hydrated


Drinking enough water helps your cervical fluid stay energized. Cervical fluid facilitates the sperm meet the egg. Not enough water in body makes the fluids lethargic and hinders the uniting of the egg with the sperm.

                         Lastly, remember that there is a three-month period that you will have to give your body to adjust to the new lifestyle changes that you have opted for. So, when you don’t get those coveted two red lines on the pregnancy kit, don’t lose heart. There is something special in the offing!

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