Little Loy got sick every now and then and his mother wondered if he was getting himself into unprotected, unclean zones of the outside world. She kept changing schools and day-cares and saw no improvement in his allergic reactions. Finally, a close introspection on the home turf caught her withRead More →

Most types of tea are extracted from one plant- Camellia Sinensis. The varieties of tea i.e. Green tea, Black tea, Oolong tea, Pouchong tea, etc. are simply the outcome of differences in the way the tea is processed as against the common myth that there are different types of teaRead More →

Blessed are those lucky few who get natural sleep without relying on any external factors or artificial methods like sleeping pills. But the percentage of people in today’s fast-paced world that actually fall in this blissful category is very less. For a majority of folks, there are several factors thatRead More →

The 21st century has blessed human beings with technologies never imagined before. But also it has hampered the healthy living and various health problems like hypertension, stress, insomnia is extremely common today. These problems lead into the rise of blood sugar levels. Blood sugar levels are the levels of aRead More →

Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful, intimidating, yet amazing experience in a woman’s life. It is appropriately named as a new birth and why not! The pregnant couple undergoes a series of happy transitions in their life which includes a lot of pains and pleasures. The thought ofRead More →

Menopause is a natural biological event. As women age, bodies change and one of the most significant changes is menopause or the end of menstruation. This natural transition does not happen overnight, it can take a decade or more and will affect every woman differently. Some women won’t even knowRead More →

Cancer is the result of the mutation of genes responsible for the growth and health of the cells in the body. This abnormal proliferation may occur to the breast cells which is called breast cancer. Breast cancer cells may continue dividing without a halt, resulting in a tumor. Breast cancerRead More →