Thyroid is one among the highly important but equally mismanaged glands in our body. The thyroid secretes hormones that regulate weight management, mood, energy levels, body temperature, metabolism, blood pressure and heart rate. Alterations in thyroid hormone levels can affect women especially during the childbearing and menopause stages. Again, chronicRead More →

Talk about health and fitness and the first few organs that come to our mind are the heart, the kidney, the lungs and the brain. But then aren’t our sensory organs equally important? How many among us are emphatic about the health of our eyes? We take their health forRead More →

Sleep is an unseen but highly important factor for the human body to be fit. Getting a good night’s sleep is a must to regulate our involuntary functions and keep the state of our body and mind in absolute health. Disturbances in our sleeping patterns can leave us feeling exhaustedRead More →

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