Brain tissue

Source: Tufts University Summary: A team of researchers has developed 3-D human tissue culture models for the central nervous system that mimic the structural and functional features of the brain. The new 3-D brain tissue models overcome a key challenge of previous models -the availability of human source neurons. This is dueRead More →

Brain cells

Source: Salk Institute Summary: A team from the Salk Institute has shown that astrocytes long overlooked supportive cells in the brain help to enable the brain’s plasticity, a new role for astrocytes that was not previously known. When we’re born, our brains have a great deal of flexibility. Having this flexibility to grow andRead More →

Blood pressure

Source: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Summary: A large team of researchers has developed a model that suggests it should be possible to create a cuffless, non-invasive blood pressure monitor based on measuring pulse waves. The current method of measuring human blood pressure is to place a pressurized cuff onRead More →


Source: Walter and Eliza Hall Institute Summary: Researchers have revealed how immune health is maintained by the exquisite organisation skills of a protein called Pax5. The new study shows how Pax5 helps to efficiently organise the genetic information (DNA) required for our immune cells to maintain their form, function and help fight disease.Read More →


Source: University of Edinburg Summary: A new study suggests the verbal and physical signs of lying are harder to detect than people believe. More Information: Jia E. Loy et al, “Cues to Lying Maybe Deceptive: Speaker and Listener Behaviour in an Interactive Game of Deception”, Journal of Cognition (2018). DOI: 10.5334/joc.46 Read More →

Brain region

Source: Max Planck Society Summary: A European-American team of scientists has now been able to demonstrate, with electrophysiological evidence, the existence of grid-like activity in the human brain. More Information: Tobias Staudigl et al, “Hexadirectional Modulation of High-Frequency Electrophysiological Activity in the Human Anterior Medial Temporal Lobe Maps Visual Space”, Current Biology (2018).DOI: 10.1016/j.cub.2018.09.035Read More →

gamma-Aminobutyric acid

Source: Cell Press Summary: Attempting to make dopamine-producing neurons out of glial cells in mouse brains, a group of researchers instead converted mature inhibitory neurons into dopaminergic cells. More Information: Stem Cell Reports, Zhang et al, “Phenotypic reprogramming of striatal neurons into dopaminergic neuron-like cells in the adult mouse brain”,Read More →

Biomedical engineering

Source: University of Utah Summary: A team of biomedical engineers have developed a method to 3-D-print cells to produce human tissue such as ligaments and tendons, a process that will greatly improve a patient’s recovery. Currently, replacement tissue for patients can be harvested from another part of the patient’s body or sometimes fromRead More →

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